Thursday, 27 November 2014

Reply Me Urgent Please

Reply Me Urgent Please

Dear Good Friend,
I have a proposal for you, this however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honor the content against your will. I am Mrs Celina Harman, I am a banker in Bank Atlantic Ivory Coast, Here In this bank there is a dormant account for the past 12years which belongs to Eng James J Miller who is now dead with his entired family during the war crises here in our country due to he was against the new current president now.
When I discovered that there had been no deposits or withdrawals from this account for this long period due to i was i was the late enj james miller's personal banker here in our bank, I decided to carry out a system investigation and discovered that none of the family members or relations of the late
person is aware of this account. Now I want an account overseas where our bank will transfer this fund.

Thereafter, I will destroy all related documents to this account. It is a careful network and for the past eleven months I have worked and planned out everything to ensure a hitch-free operation. The amount plus all the accumulated interest is $7.2Millions (Seven Million two Hundred Thousand United States dollars).
As I intend giving you 40% of the total amount Consider these and get back to me as soon as possible with your full names, private telephone, Mobile and fax numbers if you have any, Corresponding postal address with your residence address information and any of your identity card passport photo. Finally, it is my humble request that the information as contained herein be accorded with every confidentiality and the necessary secrecy it deserves I expect your urgent response.
Remember that this transaction is stricly and confidential.
I shall be awaiting for your response.
Hope to hear from you urgent,
Mrs Celina Harman.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

From Mr. Natan Pang...

Hello Dear,

I am Mr. Natan Pang a banker, I have emailed you earlier on without any response from you. In my first email I mentioned about our deceased customer a citizen of your country whose relatives my Bank cannot locate to claim his estate.

I got your address from online directory service and decided to write you. I am asking for your consent so that I can present you to my Bank Management as the next of kin to the late customer account proceeds value ($4,000,000)(Four Million United State Dollars) to be transferred into your account for our mutual benefit.

At the successful transfer of this fund, we shall share the fund on a pro rata based percentage [50% - 50%]. I am compelled to do this because I do not want my Bank to take over the ownership of this fund.

If you are interested and in agreement with me, get back to me quickly and I will send to you all the information you may need to proceed without coming to the Bank, and be rest assured that it is risk free project.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Natan Pang